Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Man and The Dude: Bees

I am here at this even tonight to present "The Man and The Dude"! "The Man and The Dude" is very excited for this event, and it is what you, and all of the world, have been waiting for. "The Man and The Dude" have presented many great hip-hop hits as "Phat Beats and Fat Peeps" and "Shoot a fuck, wait I meant fuck. Wait, no, duck. Duck". "The Man and The Dude" is proud and happy to be here and everyone is satisfied and happy to see "The Man and The Dude"! So, I am very proud to present "The Man and The Dude" in surprise concert! Hopefully "The Man and The Dude"'s surprise will be "APRISED"! "The Man and The Dude", everyone!

Click for big, people! Click for big!!