Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Whew! What a while! Today, this post is when turned FIFTY YEARS OLD! Yes! Remember all those happy memories? Good times! This also marks the occasion that announces Crogabond is the oldest website ever! Thanks to you guys, we have made it this far! Thankyou! We truly love you! So much! Oh, SO MUCH!

On this special occasion , I will now invite Bo Jangles to the stage, our singing Jazz man, to do singing jazz.

Good show, Bo Jangles! Good show!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Writing more posts and flirting with the math teacher

We are back with our manhood in tact! Almost! We will be trying to post everyday from now on, trying be the key word there. We may not last long, but hey! We might as well try. Videogame journalists have said about our comeback "It is like a Geodude, except now it isn't a Geodude because it has grown legs", "Almost as good as masturbating at a Zoda's Revenge sprite done in crops in FarmVille" and "For our frothing demand".

Kevyn and I have opened up shop again because big things are coming up, Crogafans. Big things. If you live here, tell your friends! Show them this website, and tell them about how much we rule! Go!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Puff the Magic bluurubrbrrlr

Wow, are you guys in luck! 2 updates in as many days!? I think we might be spoiling you, but that is alright, when the content is THIS GOOD. That's right kids, Jace found it within himself to let us hear one of his specialties; singing while drinking milk. When he told me that he was to embark on such an endeavor, I said that only one song would do; Puff the Magic Dragon. Now you may listen yourself as Jace struggles for breath and spills milk everywhere, whilst singing a most haunting refrain of "Puff the Magic Dragon". Enjoy.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Starleaps and bounds.

Hello Crogafans! You have probably been wondering what we have been up to. The answer is FITNESS. The company made a merger with Pataku Co., and now a strict training regimen is part of our everyday. To ourselves get through it, we have painstakingly constructed these musical training songs, to keep us to the beat, and thus make it through the day without being kicked in the face by the right Honorable Mr. Pataku. Prepare yourselfs, you might just find yourselves doing some starjumps.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Tale of Agent Fourty-Kevyn, Hitman

Today was my first day being a hitman! I was ordered to go inside this mans rather large mansion and kill him. I was eager to impress my boss, so I thought I would do it sneakily. When I reached the property, I saw the delivery man in his truck, taking in the groceries. Ii had the perfect plan. Taking the place of the delivery man would allow me free access to the inside of the mansion! Genius! I waited just out side the door for the deliveryman to come out. When he eventually emerged he stood and looked at me for a bit, before going to pick up another bag of groceries. This was my chance! I casually walked up behind him with my fiber wire, but somehow he saw me! I tried to snag him on my wire a few times, but he was already running for his delivery truck. I didn't want him to drive off, so I got out a couple of pistols, and shot at his van. Unfortunately for him, I had pulled the clever tactics, and he would have to turn around in order to get out the gate again. I held my ground and shot at his windscreen, he must have had some bullet proof glass or something, because usually delivery trucks aren't that tough. Anyway, he ran straight into me and shattered both my kneecaps. I didn't even get in the gate surrounding the house of the guy I was supposed to be killing! Oh well. Better luck next time!