Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kids Time

Hello little children, it's time for an update just for you! Now, do you all like the Crogabond Crab?
Yes? Well then, you are going to love his friend, the Crogabond Crater-beast!
Say hello, Crater-beast!

Say hello to your new friend, Crab!
Isn't that nice.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Best Dream

Soyvoyage: Totally dreamed about fuckin' this girl.
Soyvoyage: Shits so cash.
Kaatridge: Feels good man.
Soyvoyage: She was pretty nice about it.
Kaatridge: I see.
Kaatridge: And then while she was riding you you looked down and then looked back up at her face and it was me.
Soyvoyage: NO
Soyvoyage: FUKKA YOU.
Kaatridge: And then you wake up with a boner.
Soyvoyage: OH SHIT.
Soyvoyage: NOPE]
Soyvoyage: NIEO
Kaatridge: That would be a great comic.
Soyvoyage: NO WAY
Soyvoyage: AT ALL
Kaatridge: I am laughing my ass off.
Kaatridge: "And then you wake up with a boner" should be the ending to all stories.
Soyvoyage: and thats how I was late for work.