Monday, August 9, 2010

Jace's Videos Of The Mizzy-Month: princess leiya will princess paya

Hello, you pretty little muchkins! You sexy little cuntgremlins! You clambering, shrivel-laden clit rings! Uncle Jace and Haste is here to bring you the first installation of "Jace's Videos Of The Mizzy-Month! This one for August, TWENTY TO THE TEN HUNGRY HIPPOS. Thats a lot of hungry hippos. Now, take them away. No, no. No! Take them away right now! There, see? They're gone. The hungry hippos are gone. Now GAZE UPON THESE VIDEOS THEY WILL HELP DISTRACT FROM THE MISSING HIPPOS

This is pretty funny. I know the whole Rick Astley is old now you guys, but this is just hilarious. I wish more people did this! Because instead of going "Oaw fucking hungry hippos, not another one of these Rick Rolls", things like these would come around that change it up every so often, and instead you would be like "Woah! What a pleasant fucking surprise." It makes it less of a chore and more of a thing that kicks ass. So hey! Internet! Quit being unfunny and annoying! You bunch of uncreative dungweasels!

Alright, internet. I'll let you off this time. But next time, you won't be so lucky.

I don't even need to say anything. Just about everything this video has for your eyes to gaze upon is nigh on perfection.

This is a pretty interesting idea. Has someone ever started a blog where they document/videotape themselves travelling the world fuckin' hookers and shit and telling of their wonderful adventures? We can only hope.

And we end with this video of this man singing the songs people sang about videogames. He is very good, and has a nice goatee/beard, so he can sleep happy knowing that he is the last but not least in the carnival of Crogabond cranklies for August. Happy shoe-dancing, and make sure not to tread on those there dream-boots on your way out, you shitkicker.